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Notable Case Results

  • $3,000,000
    plus recovery for victims in an accident in 1973 involving the railroad (multiple clients involved)
  • $6,000,000
    recovery for an Unborn child and mother against a city truck that negligently ran a light.
  • $5,000,000
    recovery for a teenage client hit while waiting for a bus. Client suffered serious head and neurogical injuries.
  • $4,250,000
    recovery for a wrongful death of electrocuted
  • $1,225,000
    motor cycle accident recovery for a client suffering serious head trauma
  • $300,000
    recovery for a young client bitten by a dog on leg resulting in a scar
  • $945,000
    recovery for client assaulted by cab driver.
  • $200,000
    recovery against a woman who's son attacked a client
  • $1,500,000
    jury verdict that was the then largest verdict in Tucson, Az for a client
  • $1,200,000
    jury verdict for a client injured in an automobile accident suffering permenent injuries.
  • $1,300,000
    recovery to a client who was a passenger in a vehicle whom sustained major skeletal damage.
  • $4,250,000
    recovery for a wrongful death electrocution (this is a minor change as it says "eletrocuted")
  • $90,000
    recovery for a young client based on negligent infliction of emotional distress involved in a car accident with a parent
  • $1,100,000
    recovery in 1981 to a client involved in a diving pool incident resulting in a serious neck injury
  • $475,000
    recovery to a client when a metal traffic sign pole came through clients windshield